Cybersecurity: Inlaks, Dashen banks deploy NetGuardian to fight fraud

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By Prince Osuagwu
Information and Communication Technology, ICT infrastructure, and systems integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa, Inlaks, has said that completing the NetGuardian, NG-Enterprise Fraud Management Solutions for Dashen Bank would help in fighting cybercrime.
The NG Enterprise Fraud Management is an innovative solution that prevents systems from fraud and evaluates transaction behaviours in identifying suspicious transfers. It also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in understanding transaction patterns enabling it to monitor internal and external fraud thereby preventing it before it happens.
The company explained that it has already implemented the project for one year, where it was deployed in various approaches to improve the Fraud Management Solution at the Bank. 
It noted the exercise include the deployment of over 80 million transactions aggregated to create profiles, the deployment of 11 behavioural AI Models enabling customers to hit near real-time fraud, and the deployment of 24 advanced pattern-based models.
Also, the Bank can now manage and get the report for both internal and external fraud.
Executive Director of the company, Mr. Olufemi Muraino, said: “Inlaks is proud to have executed the NG Fraud Management Solutions for Dashen Bank. This utilization will enhance system ownership in protecting valuable assets for customers. The high point of our delivery is good customer service with quality handling, and we are glad to live up to that during implementation.”
He also explained that Inlaks was also involved in the training of over 20 employees from the bank on the Net Guardians system Utilization and the deployment of over 20 Forensic investigations and Management dashboards. Also, Chief Executive Officer, Dashen Bank said: “We appreciate the outstanding contribution of Inlaks in the successful implementation of the Enterprise Fraud Management System Project. The extended effort, teamwork, proficiency, and diligence exhibited were invaluable.”



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